DANBURY, Conn./December 2, 2020 – Alpha Metalcraft, a group of manufacturing companies that provide mission critical components for the aerospace, defense, and medical markets, announced that GAR Electroforming has added 7,500 square feet of manufacturing space to its facility existing footprint in Danbury, Conn.

The expansion results from increased demand for products from GAR, which is one of three operating companies held by Alpha Metalcraft and has seen sales approach a 50 percent increase since 2018. Numerous blue-chip commercial aerospace and defense contractors recently awarded GAR contracts for several products critical to commercial, U.S. military and foreign military aerospace sales.

“Our GAR Electroforming business continues to grow, and this additional manufacturing capacity will allow us to meet the increased demand we have experienced over the past year,” said Russell Richter, President of GAR.

GAR Electroforming develops copper, nickel and nickel/cobalt leading edge abrasion strips  for rotorcraft composite blades, turbine engine composite outer guide vane erosion sheaths, missile wing slot protective seals as well as defense-related cold and heat shields.

The expansion gives GAR more than 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space and provides extra room for the finishing of its products. Electroforming is a unique additive manufacturing technology used to produce shapes and accuracies in metal products unmatched by other fabrication methods. The process produces components with high precision and duplication, and can create complex internal shapes with exacting dimension tolerances and perfectly re-produced surface finishes.

As the exclusive provider of electroformed erosion sheaths which protect the outer guide vanes on the worlds largest commercial jet engine, GAR looks to leverage this capability in other critical aerospace applications that require the intricate shape and variable wall thickness capabilities inherent in electroforming.

“GAR’s unique electroforming capabilities provide critical components for aerospace and defense applications,’’ said John Boscia, AlphaCoin’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development. “We continue to identify opportunities for our multiple business units, and the expansion will help us keep pace with escalating demand.”

GAR is the nation’s largest and most established full-service AS9100 certified electroform manufacturer. It offers in-house CNC machining for tooling and production. GAR has in-house capabilities to produce the most complex and precise abrasion strips, coldshields, heatshields and waveguides, and also offers a complete line of surface roughness inspection scales.

AlphaCoin’s other operating facilities are Connecticut Coining (Bethel, Conn.) and Gasser (Commack, N.Y.), which also manufacture components for aerospace, defense, and medical companies.