DANBURY, Conn./December 1, 2022 – A portfolio of manufacturing businesses headquartered in
Connecticut that provides mission critical components for aerospace, defense and medical markets
has announced it is changing its name.

AlphaCoin will now be named Alpha Metalcraft Group or AMG. The company’s three manufacturing
sites – Connecticut Coining, Gasser and GAR Electroforming – will retain their legal names but their
customer facing names will be identified as Alpha Metalcraft Group.

The company said it is changing the name to better identify its core competencies. “Metalcraft is a
more appropriate description of the portfolio’s capabilities,’’ said John Boscia, Vice President,
Business Development. “We want our portfolio of businesses to be recognized as market-leading
manufacturers of products and services via unique metal forming processes.”

Based in Danbury, AMG provides high precision capabilities and sophisticated operations to leading
original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers serving high growth and technology driven
end markets, such as the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. The company’s core
capabilities, such as deep drawing and electroforming, enable it to provide customers with reliable,
high-quality, and high precision components while ensuring customers can achieve critical timelines.

AMG initiated the name change to dissociate from cryptocurrency and to reduce confusion with
potential customers and acquisitions. “We had the affiliation to Alpha in our previous name and
Metalcraft generically yet more appropriately describes what our manufacturing sites do,’’ said Alec
Searle, CEO.

No additional changes are planned for the company, but it is actively seeking a new acquisition. GAR
is based in Danbury, Connecticut Coining in Bethel, Conn. and Gasser in Commack, N.Y.

“While the sites will continue to operate autonomously and retain their legal names, individuality and
heritage, the idea behind all sites utilizing the Alpha Metalcraft name is to promote and leverage
synergies, teamwork and a one company image,’’ Boscia said.

About Alpha Metalcraft Group: Alpha Metalcraft Group is headquartered in, Danbury, Conn.
with manufacturing sites in Connecticut (Connecticut Coining, GAR Electroforming) and New
York (Gasser). It offers a portfolio of unique metal forming capabilities to aerospace,
defense, and medical imaging companies, providing drawn, electroformed, machined,
ground, polished, and welded components, and assemblies. The company brings together
more than two centuries of experience to serve the global aerospace industry, including
original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers.